Fall in love with "Strawberries and chocolate"  - iressistible spa packages

Fall in love with magic of our spa minutes ..
"Strawberries and chocolate" are specially created packages as a spa treat for those in love or simply as a way to get some spa indulgence for yourself..


Full body relaxing massage with natural chocolate or strawberries (optional) + facial scrub with strawberries + facial mask with chocolate

Duration: 1 hr 15 min.  Price: 120 KM per person


Full body relaxing massage + facial massage

Duration: 1 hr 15 min.  Price: 100 KM for two person


Foot massage 30 min. + head massage

Duration: 45 min.  Price: 60 KM for two person


This offer is available from February 10th until February 20th.



Inquiries and booking:

Herbal Spa for Ladies and Men

Address: dr. Mustafe Pintola 31, Ilidza

Telephone: 033 763 400; Mobile: 061 072 072

Email: ilidza@herbalspa.ba

Herbal Spa for Ladies

Address: Fra Filipa Lastrica 2, Pofalici

Telephone: 033 615 935

Email: recepcija@herbalspa.ba

O Herbal Spa

The Herbal Spa center strives for beauty, health and well-being of your body. In a luxurious, oriental atmosphere we will lead you through new and unexplored world of unique services and a perfect spa experience.

Designed to all who visit us experience complete relaxation and privacy, available in two locations, Herbal Spa offers the best of holistic care and relaxation treatments.

Royal treatment based on natural products and exotic scents will awaken your senses and revive your spirit.

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