Fall in love with "Strawberries and chocolate"  - iressistible spa packages

Fall in love with "Strawberries and chocolate" - iressistible spa packages

Fall in love with magic of our spa minutes ..
"Strawberries and chocolate" are specially created packages as a spa treat for those in love or simply as a way to get some spa indulgence for yourself..


Full body relaxing massage with natural chocolate or strawberries (optional) + facial scrub with strawberries + facial mask with chocolate

Duration: 1 hr 15 min.  Price: 120 KM per person


Full body relaxing massage +…


WINTER DELIGHT Body Scrub, Balsamic Massage, Winter Facial Treatment

#3 services #105 minutes #120 KM

In the winter months our skin dries out in cold weather. Rich source of minerals and vitamins will restore the loss of a healthy and shiny look, but also strengthen its level of revitalization.

 Body scrub will help to exfoliate your skin …

NEW SERVICE - Fiery Lemon Salt treatment!

NEW SERVICE - Fiery Lemon Salt treatment!

Experience the new revitalizing treatment in Herbal Spa Center ..
30-minute combination of foot scrub and foot massage works well for tired, "heavy" feet, it removes the pain, cold, and is an ideal extra care with pedicure or foot massage.

Fiery lemon salt treasures a large number of minerals, such as: magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iodine. It is used by heating it to a few degrees above normal body temperature and as such it is applied to the feet. The procedure …

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