NEW SERVICE - Fiery Lemon Salt treatment!

Experience the new revitalizing treatment in Herbal Spa Center ..
30-minute combination of foot scrub and foot massage works well for tired, "heavy" feet, it removes the pain, cold, and is an ideal extra care with pedicure or foot massage.

Fiery lemon salt treasures a large number of minerals, such as: magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iodine. It is used by heating it to a few degrees above normal body temperature and as such it is applied to the feet. The procedure has a relaxing effect, but it also serves to remove dead skin cells, regenerate the skin of the feet, stimulate the circulation, affecting the disappearance of the feelings of cold, stiff feet. It ends with the application of a moisturizing vitamin lotion based on Aloe Vera and vitamin C with massage movements. Whether you choose this treatment as a separate or combined with a pedicure or massage, it is certain that you'll enjoy an unique and useful spa experience.

Duration: 30 min

Price: 50 KM

Available at both locations:

Herbal Spa for women and men

Address: dr. Mustafe Pintola 31, Ilidza

Contact: tel 033 763 400; Mob 061 072 072


Herbal spa for women

Address: Fra Filipa Lastrića 2, Pofalići

Contact: tel 033 615 935

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