We often hear that massage and spa services should not be used at this time.

As our knowledge of Covid19 grows, so do we try to preserve what we nurture in our business.


We need standard national programs for the prevention of infectious diseases; reading, understanding and applying medical research; and electives for designing and conducting clinical studies. We are aware that reforming research and education takes time and money, but our industry has a unique concern. One of the solutions we found is to create a professional space where they can be found when we are most needed: pay attention to hygiene and disinfection, limit the number of people who come and stay in the center, daily temperature measurement for clients and workers, wearing masks, regular hand washing …

The question arises: Massage yes or no? Spa yes or no?
We had a short rating among our clients and 96% said YES.

The reason is simple. We take care of hygiene and disinfection. We care about the protection of workers and customers.
The biggest reason is necessarily relieving the side effects of chemotherapy, relieving stress, mental relaxation. We have already written a text that explains benefits of the massages, we will not repeat it, but it would be good to read it. Massage is accepted in the world as a solo therapy. The client may have a different idea of ​​what kind of pressure he wants or what kind of massages he needs. When you are “under the hands” of a therapist, if we recommend something else, accept the suggestion. The therapist has no reason to recommend, but therapist feels muscles, musculature and skin of the client,  pays attention to your tone of speech.

All other treatments that a spa provides are services for your relaxation, stress relief. When you see that the spa you go to is clean, disinfected, that the workers keep to themselves and personal protection, feel free to refer to your favorite treatment and treat yourself and take a day only for you.