The traditional treatment of Arab countries, present as part of the spa offer around the world, is brought to Sarajevo by the Herbal Spa Center. Find out below about how to perform the treatment and the health benefits of a unique beauty and relaxation session …

The Moroccan bath is performed in a room filled with steam, with slightly dimmed lights for the complete atmosphere of a relaxing atmosphere.

In the first minutes of this session, we apply Moroccan soap on the body, which stays on your skin for 10 minutes. These are the moments when steamed soap begins its action by softening the skin, opening the pores and preparing it for the next step. After rinsing with soap, skin peeling ( body scrub) is performed by a beautician using a glove known as a “lifa”. In this way, with massage movements, a detailed peeling is done, and the entire treatment ends with the application of a rose lotion that deeply hydrates and soothes the skin, giving it freshness and elasticity. The ingredients of the peeling are natural, and the types of baths are adapted to your needs and favorite scents, so you can opt for a bath with the use of beneficial volcanic mud, medicinal herbs, refreshing natural strawberries or a natural aphrodisiac of dark chocolate.

The effect of the bathroom on health is reflected primarily in the acceleration of metabolism, and stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, which encourages the removal of toxic substances from the body. The pink appearance of the skin that may appear during the treatment is a sign that the activities of the sweat glands have been initiated, the outer layers of the skin are soothed while the damaged cells are thoroughly removed. The steam bath treatment calms the nerve, warms and relaxes the muscles, body, mind. The skin is fresh, nourished and fragrant.

* Bath is not recommended in case of acute lung diseases such as bronchitis or pneumonia, as well as pregnant women or people with skin infections, or people with high blood pressure.