You have long felt the need to find a place where you will get a quality massage, beautify and relax, reward for a successfully completed project or escape from everyday life for a short time. You asked for information about nearby spas, booked an appointment, after a few hours you leave the treatment and that’s not it ..

There are certain standards that a top spa must meet in order to know that your arrival was really worth the time, money and effort invested.


1. Relaxation even before the massage

When it comes to spa activities, your stress should disappear with the invitation to book. The person you are talking to should have open access and enough patience to offer

provide all the information you need. If they are not able to make a reservation at a time that suits you, it is certainly their duty to offer you an alternative, as well as notification of all

changes that may have occurred in the meantime, concerning the booked reservation.

2. Feel free to share information

You may have suffered an injury in the past or you may not be able to withstand strong pressure on some parts of the body. It is very important when sharing an appointment or meeting with a therapist to share this information

treatment would be effective. Certain surgical procedures, health problems or pregnancy can significantly affect the type of services that suit you, improve your physical and mental form, or have

negative effect on the current state of the organism. If you are not sure what type of massage, facial treatment, etc. you would like to work, you can always seek the advice of professional staff, and they will be pleased to bring it up

proposal and justify the trust placed.

3. Relaxing ambience

You definitely don’t want to come for a massage in a spa where the music is too fast or loud, the lights are too loud, the staff is noisy, the smell is unpleasant. The ambiance must be soothing and relaxing in order to fulfill the spa treatment as well its essential goal and that is a holistic and healing experience of clients. When you are able to forget about the outside world while staying at the spa and free your mind from everyday worries, then your body will achieve it more easily, relaxation and relief… Quality service not only works to resolve physical pain and tension, but also greatly contributes to the improvement of your mental state in a way that restores your strength, motivation and

optimism. With a good ambience, all this is much easier to achieve.

4. Last but not least .. Farewell.

Finished with a massage, peeling, facial treatment …

Your spa experience does not end there. After the treatment, expect the staff to kindly escort you, serve you tea or coffee. In exclusive spas such a gesture is not included in the price of the treatment and is present only to complete the whole ritual of relaxation and comfort. If it is really professional, the staff will eventually ask you if the treatment met your expectations, and give you suggestions for treatments you should try during your next visit, or give you tips you can apply at home.

Also, don’t feel embarrassed to mention it openly a potential complaint about some aspect of the service or detail of the spa that you don’t like. If you truly believe that the center you just visited is a place you will return to, share your suggestions with employees and facilitate efforts to bring your service to perfection.

In the end ,good luck in finding your ideal oasis of peace and relaxation.