For most women, this part of care is a nightmare, but facial cleansing is an everyday part of care.
Due to external influences, creams and make-up, we clog pores, the skin cannot breathe and impurities accumulate creating blackheads. So the goal is to open the pores and clean them. Even facial skin that has no problems need to have daily care. Care should be started as early as possible, because that way you will maintain the youthful appearance of your face for longer time.
The misconception is that only water cleanses the face, because the oil from the skin does not dissolve in water. In order to thoroughly clean the face from impurities and make-up, the use of lotion, milk or face gels is required. In addition to daily home care, it is necessary to go to the appropriate facial treatment at least once a month, depending on the type and condition of your skin.
Questions are usually asked: How to choose a treatment?
You choose treatments according to your face and skin type. There are preventive and corrective facial treatments.
We do preventive facial treatments in beauty salons, while we do corrective treatments in polyclinics.
To keep our skin and face fresh and youthful, it is never too early to start with preventive treatments. In our spas you have treatments for every skin type, and if you do not know how to determine which type you are, ask our beauticians. Some of the treatments in Herbal Spa are: Spa facial treatment, Facial treatment with seaweed, Facial treatment with collagen, Aquapeel ON and others.

Opt for superficial or deep facial cleansing and let your skin breathe.