Imagine – sitting in a comfortable massage chair while browsing the contents of your mobile phone or favorite magazine. That’s exactly what a pedicure at the Herbal Spa looks like!

Men, if the previously mentioned vision of a 30-minute vacation does not seem attractive enough to you, we give you an additional five reasons why to visit the Herbal Spa center and try our pedicure service:

1. Pedicure keeps feet healthy

The feet are inevitably a source of various bacteria, and with a pedicure you remove dirt from the feet, get rid of dead skin cells, and with soaked feet in a fragrant bath, you get additional antibacterial protection.

2. It relieves you of stress

If your profession requires prolonged standing, sitting and performing stressful or tiring tasks, time spent on a pedicure may be just what you need to relax and “clear your mind”. The time you will use for your daily hygiene routine, along with a professional pedicure, will be part of an experience that rests you and restores your energy.

3. Prevents unpleasant foot odor

With a professional pedicure, you will remove all the thickening of the skin, dead cells that have the greatest effect on the retention of bacteria that cause unpleasant foot odor, especially when external temperatures and humidity are increased.

4. Prevents ingrown nails

Men usually do not pay enough attention when they shorten their nails and cause them to grow, which later represents not only an aesthetic but also a health problem. When a pedicure is done by a person who is trained for such a treatment, you can be sure that the nails will be properly shaped and shortened to the correct length.

5. You look better

Hair, face, body, why not feet? Only when you have perfectly groomed feet, your good looks are complete and your self-confidence complete. And you will be convinced that everyone will really notice it!

Don’t forget a short massage at the end of the treatment. It can’t hurt anyone!