Although the unique aroma of this tea is more than enough reason to prepare it the Indian way, it is useful to know that this drink can help us when we catch a cold or if we have a sore throat.

Ingredients needed:

– 250 ml of water

– 50 ml of milk

– a spoonful of black tea

– add sugar as desired

Peel a ginger root and grind it.
Add warm water and cook until approximately 50 ml of water has evaporated. Then add the milk, and when the liquid is reheated almost to boiling, add the black tea and cook on low heat for another 3 to 5 minutes. Strain/filter  and sweeten to taste.

For full effect, drink hot .. 🙂

Note: The drink is recommended to be consumed after the ginger massage treatment in the Herbal Spa center .. 🙂