Bathing and smearing with volcanic mud has become very popular due to its therapeutic action.

In addition, mud is a detoxifier and has anti-inflammatory effects. It is believed to stimulate collagen production, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, relax muscles and improve skin tone.

Spain is known to be the most popular for the experience of healing mud baths. But you do not have to go to Spain because in the Balkans and the Mediterranean, along the entire coast and islands, there are numerous sites of medicinal peloid mud. Also, in our spa centers you can try some of the services with volcanic mud such as Pearl treatment, Body scrub with body mask, Tunisian bath, Royal bath, Spa facial treatment and more.

“Mud” is a favorite in spa treatments because it stimulates collagen production and helps remove cellulite.

People with cancer, people who have had a stroke and people with high blood pressure should not use it.

There are several types of medicinal mud and the most famous is the healing mud from the Dead Sea. Depending on the location and the process of formation, each mud (peloid) is a unique mixture of minerals and other organic residues.

Our spa uses volcanic mudfango. In fango we use bentonite, a natural factor rich in organic matter obtained from volcanic rocks. In addition to detoxification, stimulating collagen, we apply it to painful and damaged areas with long-term pain in the spine, hips, knees, degenerative joint disease or rheumatic diseases. Due to its low thermal conductivity, it retains heat, warms the body and contributes to the reduction of bone pain.

Try one of the services at the Herbal Spa with volcanic mud and feel its benefits.