Medicinal properties of lavender are known. Such as relieving insomnia, against numerous skin diseases, stimulating circulation and digestion, removing toxins from the body because antiseptic properties act on skin impurities.

That is why its use is very widespread, from essential fragrance, hygiene to cosmetic products.

The treatment of relaxation and care with purple beauty, as lavender is affectionately called, will relax you and renew your energy. In our spas we also have treatments with lavender, for deep physical and mental relaxation.

In our spa Lavender treatment is beginning  with a massage with natural lavender oil. A relaxing massage relaxes the muscles, so the headache stops, which is caused by muscle tension. This is followed by a facial scrub and a nourishing dried lavender mask. That will improve the condition of your skin, reduce blemishes on the face and help chapped lips, and the face will be refreshed and toned.
We are offering a Lavender journey which, in addition to the Lavender treatment, also includes a Lavender steam bath. Relaxing scents of lavender in a combination of body scrub, body masks and steam contribute to complete relaxation and bring a feeling of lightness (we also have a lavender bath as a separate service).
Lavender Journey 2 in addition to the Lavender treatment also contains a lavender body scrub. Herbal Spa lavender-based body scrub will convince you that its natural ingredients provide skin that is more beautiful. It regenerates faster and has less visible wrinkles. (We also have lavender body scrub as a separate service).

Lavender is used in anti-age treatments, for normal, dry but also oily skin, for regeneration .
In our offer, Lavender facial treatment is indispensable. Masks based on minerals and lavender, hydrate the skin, have an anti-inflammatory effect, help regenerate tissues and cells and maintain skin elasticity.
Fans of this purple beauty will especially enjoy in our spa. . .