Stress can be felt by children as much as adults. This is most often reflected through physical symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, headaches, migraines, indigestion, as well as behavioral difficulties

Research has shown that therapeutic contact in children can reduce pain and strengthen the immune system, improve concentration and communication skills. Such children have more self-confidence and are calmer in stressful situations.

The massage works by:

strengthens the child’s emotional side

improves the child’s mood

helps to recognize one’s own body, as a whole and its parts, and thus the idea of ​​oneself, the child feels safe …

soothes tensions caused by news, stress

stimulates, strengthens and regulates circulation, respiration, immunity, digestion

can help with sleep disturbances and overall biorhythm

establishes and strengthens physical and emotional contact between parents, feels safer and more confidently copes with problems in the company of their peers, feels empowered ..

Recommended treatments are relaxation massage, foot reflexology and head massage.

Massage and reflexology for children and young people under 16 can only be performed with parental consent and parents should be present while the treatment is taking place.