Although autumn is not in full swing, we believe we all summarizes the damage of facial skin that summer has done. Add to that the cold and moist autumn air that doesn’t favor the skin and causes faster aging, it’s really the right time to dedicate ourselves to facial skin. We don’t want dry and chapped skin and we need to prepare for that.

To restore the skin’s radiance, we need a facial treatment in a spa or beauty salon. Facial cleansing and scrub is the first step we need to take. Thus, sunspots and freckles caused by the sun will be less pronounced.
By massaging the face and hydrating, we restore the vitality of the skin, nourishing masks will nourish the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.
Every day, in the warmth of our home, we clean the skin and apply appropriate skin products. We should also use a face mask at least once a week, but your products must also contain protection against UV radiation. Regardless of the fact that we remove make-up and care for the skin every day, it is necessary to do a professional facial treatment at least once a month. Even more, it is desirable that it be a deep cleaning.
In our spas we have various facial treatments such as Nadara, seaweed treatment, collagen, golden collagen and others.
From September 23 to 30, we have a special offer in Herbal Spa branches. With every facial treatment, eyebrow shaping and coloring we give for free. For those of you who already have trimmed eyebrows, we provide ear candle treatment for free. It is also possible to purchase vouchers whose expiration date will be one month from the date of purchase.
Treat your skin to recovery and beauty for a carefree fall.