We are almost near the end of summer and we need to provide our body and health with relaxation and recovery from the summer heat, as well as prepare for autumn and winter. That is why we have prepared a gift for you

We have prepared three options and you choose which one you need the most 😊


1. Massage + Ear candle treatment for free
With any massage, we give away Ear Candle for free. The benefits of massage are already known but the treatment with ear candles is less known. The treatment is done with special candles about 30 cm long, which are made of special fibers with a combination of honey. The treatment actually helps prevent ear and throat infections, and prevent tinnitus pain.

2. Fire salt + pedicure
Fire lemon salt is a treatment with hot lemon salt and is a combination of peeling and massage. It improves circulation and eliminates fatigue from the feet. Together with the pedicure, which we give you for free with the treatment, your feet will be reborn and you will walk like “on clouds”.

3. Manicure + hand scrub + Magic hand
The appearance of the hands is very important because it talks about you, your habits and lifestyle. Add to that hand scrub and get rid of dead skin cells. We also give you Magic hand for free, gloves with a nourishing lotion, which will restore the softness of your hand skin.


This special offer lasts from 24.08.2021. to 31.08.2021. You can make you a reservation in any of our 3 spa centers in Sarajevo.
The offer is not available for the purchase of vouchers, nor can you pay with them.