Fasting is one of the most common ways to improve the well-being of the whole organism and some of the types are:

occasional (short-term fasting), calorie restriction, long-term fasting, religious fasting.

Some of the benefits of fasting are:

– you become more resistant to the effects of carbohydrates on the body, which results in a controlled intake of UG foods

– speeds up metabolism

– helps the function of the immune system and the construction of new, healthy cells

– helps to recognize the physical and emotional feeling of hunger

– reduces acne, pimples and other skin imperfections

– affects the spiritual reconnection, relief from depressive thoughts, anxiety.

– improves brain function

The first few days of fasting can be accompanied by a feeling of weakness and headache especially if you are used to consuming fatty foods or cigarettes but this is soon replaced by increased endurance, energy, reduced need for sleep.

If you have a health problem that you suspect could be exacerbated by giving up food and drink,

it is advisable to definitely visit a doctor and get further advice.